Air Conditioner Service

Basic Clean and Tune
*Includes local trip charge to normal service area
  • Clean condenser coil
  • Check fan blade and fan motor
  • Check electrical components (capacitor, contactor, and electrical connections)
  • Check refrigerant charge (any additional refrigerant extra -- see below)
  • Check condensate drain pan and hoses
  • Visual inspection and Cleaning of A-coil
  • Check temperature drop
  • Check thermostat (batteries extra)
  • Check filter (new filter is extra)
  • Check operation

Optional Enhancements of Service

PurCool Condensate Pan Treatment
Replace condensate hoses
  • Prevents slime and sludge build-up in A-coil drain pans without any harsh chemicals or biocides
  • Slowly dissolves in the condensate water providing preventative treatment for 4-6 months
  • Remove condensate hoses and upgrade to 3/4" vinyl hoses
  • Allows for visual inspection of condensate flow and the 3/4" gives optimum water flow
Install SuperSeal Leak Seal
Install ClenAir Odor Neutralizing Gel Tub
  • Strong sealing power for small refrigerant leaks in system
  • Removes moisture and prevents corrosion and acid buildup
  • Not guaranteed to seal all leaks but it is highly reliable
  • Recommended in all systems that are 1# low and more
  • Eliminates odors from pets, smoke, oil and more
  • Non-toxic 1/2 lb. tub
  • Install in furnace blower compartment
Clean A-coil
Add Refrigerant Charge to system
  • Use Triple D Non-toxic biodegradable coil cleaner on A-coil
  • Clean A-coil thoroughly with brush and check airflow