Go Green, Get Geo!

  • Every Bosch product is built with one goal in mind; to enhance the quality of your life every day by providing solutions that are both innovative and truly beneficial.
  • Low operating costs – save up to 70% on utility bills
  • Green source of heating & cooling
  • Quiet operation with sound levels as low as 52 db
  • 10 year limited parts and labor warranty
  • 22% Federal tax credit from 01/01/23 to 12/31/23.

Geothermal Loop Types

Tap into the energy already in your backyard with ground water system, horizontal and vertical systems, or pond/lake system.

Open Loop

Using your existing well for your home, the geothermal system heats and cools the home. The water discharged from the geothermal system is then piped into a pond, waterway, or anther well. This open loop style is the most effiicent way to heat and cool your home.

Closed Loop

A closed loop system uses vertical or horizontal loop wells buried in your lot or acreage. The gycol solution is circulated in the loop system and the geothermal system heats and cools your home with this energy source. The loop temperature does vary with the amount of use and outdoor temperature which effects the efficiency.

No idea where to start? Ask the team at Custom Cooling and Heating Inc. to tell you about the benefits of geothermal systems and what may work best for your business or home!