Respicaire Electronic Filter
  • Low voltage electronic air cleaner effortlessly traps airborne particles smaller than 1 micron with its unique fiberglass media
  • 1 year supply of media is included
  • Protect your family's health by cleaning the air that you breath
  • Removes airborne dust, pollen and other contaminants

Aprilaire 1210 media filtration system
  • Removes 85% of pollen and mold
  • Removes 50% of dust particles
  • Permanently traps indoor
  • Cleans the air you breathe while
  • Simple maintenance of replacing the media
  • Improves air quality in the home
  • No electronic or moving parts allergens
  • Cleans the air you breathe while being simple and affordable

Honeywell F300 Whole-House Electronic Air Cleaner
  • Captures up to 99% of airborne particles passing through the system
  • Low maintenance solution eliminates the need for replacement
  • High Performance
  • Save Energy. Save Money.
  • 5-Year warranty
  • Breath Easy

Progressive Media Whole House Air Cleaners
  • Ultravation UltraStra hypoallergenic fibers
  • Ultravation ProgessiveMedia filtration improves as the media starts to fill
  • Captures 99% of pollen & mold
  • 9 times more filter surface area than a standard flat filter
  • Provides consistent indoor air quality
  • No maintenance
  • Extended life filters
  • Clean HVAC system saves on energy usage